A place in the garden
It may seem obvious, but to be able to place a pond in the garden, there must be sufficient space here. The pond must also be able to be dug deep enough to be able to construct it nicely. So look for a spot in the garden that is regularly shaded so that a lot of algae can be prevented from growing in the pond. In addition, the purpose of the pond is also important. Is the purpose of the pond to hold large or smaller fish? Is there enough space for the fish to swim around? It is also important that the location of the pond is easily accessible for maintenance and it is of course nice if other people can also see what beautiful pond and fish are swimming in the garden. Not only the place but also having the right Pond supplies is important.

Pond quality equipment
Of course it is important that the pond remains healthy and alive. Many different types of equipment are available and certainly needed for this. First of all, the quality of the water is a priority. to maintain this, for example, it is necessary to check the hardness of the water every so often so that the plants and fish can live healthy in it. A pond filter is also important to keep movement in the water and to filter the growing bacteria from the water. In addition to maintaining the water in it, it is also important to change the water every now and then so that there is completely oxygen-rich and healthy water in the pond again. You do this by removing about ⅓ part of the water from the pond and replacing it with tap water. It is also best to make sure that this is mainly the water that is on the top layer of the water because usually most algae grow here.

Pruning plants
In addition to the water quality, the oxygen content of a pond is very important for the health of the pond. You can strengthen this by placing enough oxygenated plants in the pond and also take good care of them, just like with an indoor plant. Prune the plants regularly or replace them if they no longer live well. Once a plant has reached the water surface, it grows less. Here too, a pruning length of ⅓ part of the plant can be maintained so that it can start growing again.

Protect your fish and plants
To keep a beautiful pond beautiful, it is important that the fish and plants continue to live as long as possible. For example, in an area where many herons occur, it is important to protect the fish and plants for these animals. This can be done by means of a pond cover net, so that larger birds such as herons or gulls are not so keen on your fish. In addition, it may be useful not to make the area around the pond attractive for other birds to place unpleasant stones here or in any case to ensure that such birds do not see any food or the like.

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