It’s the end of October and that means the days are shorter and the temperatures lower. The time to prepare the garden for winter. Don’t want to have to plant new plants every year? Then hardy plants are recommended. But what should you pay attention to when buying a hardy plant? And what are hardy plants?

What is a hardy plant?
A hardy plant is a plant that is suitable for the winter months. A plant that can withstand low temperatures and does not suffer from a thick layer of snow. In addition to the hardy plant, you also have evergreen plants. Evergreen plants are hardy and provide a green garden in winter.

How do you recognize a hardy plant?
You have decided to enrich your garden with some hardy plants, get in the car and drive to the nearest garden center. You walk into the garden center and are overloaded with the different plants they have. But which one is suitable for the winter? There are several ways to find out.

Download PlantNet: This app recognizes thousands of plants. In addition to recognizing, you can also add plants yourself, so that the app remains up-to-date
Doing research on the internet: Before going to the garden center, do research on the internet about hardy plants. This way you know whether the plant you want can survive the winter well
Ask an employee: Are apps not quite your thing, do you not have time to delve into hardy plants yourself or are you looking for personal advice? Then you can also pull an employee on the sleeve.
Buy a hardy flower pot

After you have finally found a plant that can withstand a lot of snow, you can start looking for a suitable flower pot. It is advisable to choose a hardy flower pot, because if you do not buy a hardy flower pot, there is a chance that the flower pot will crack. Many flower pots are not intended for frost.

Now that you know the difference between a hardy plant and an evergreen plant, you can start thinking about whether you want to provide your garden with greenery in the winter or not. Besides making a consideration between the different plants, now you also know that if you want to put a plant in a flower pot for the winter, you should buy a hardy flower pot. Good luck with your garden this winter.

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